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s3xyvampbaby from City of Portsmouth,United Kingdom
Laid-back and casual is the vibe I go for. Feeling comfortable is priority, in clothing and in relationships-- even the short term ones that are filled carnal desires. Leave me a message and let's see how comfortable we could get.
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Female | 21 | Straight
PrettyPhoebe from City of Portsmouth,United Kingdom
Being in a new place, surrounded by unfamiliar yet smiling faces, is something that I really enjoy. I want to have a good laugh while dancing and running barefoot under the rain. But the thing I love most is feeling the warmth of my partner’s body ...
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Female | 30
EnchantressNellie from City of Portsmouth,United Kingdom
I repay evil with kindness. If you spank me, you'd have the best handjob. If you choke me, I'd be delighted to take all of your hot string of pearls. If you slap my face, prepare for a glorious moment.
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Female | 31 | Straight
sexysweetvixen from City of Portsmouth,United Kingdom
Truth be told, I have been able to survive until now because of my capable hands. Although they are very thin and small, I know that I can nearly do everything to my body with this bloody pair of tools. If you want to know what else I can do with the...
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Female | 29 | Straight
warri0rprincess from City of Portsmouth,United Kingdom
To give a great blowjob while a man's fingers are drilling me creates magic that has the power to send me to the world full of lusts. This intimate moment clouds my mind with filthy thoughts I should do with a man.
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Female | 28 | Straight

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